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5 Everyday Self-Care Rituals, Tried and Tested

5 Everyday Self-Care Rituals, Tried and Tested

I don’t think there is a person out there who does not get stressed once in a while. If you are a parent, work and run a household, then stress is just a part of your life. 

When we are stressed, our body produces cortisol, a stimulating hormone vital to our survival in life-threatening situations. But as cortisol rushes our blood supply to critical body parts like heart and lungs, it reduces the supply of oxygen to our brain. Which basically explains why our head feels foggy and not really able to think well when are stressed. 

Plus when we are exposed to this stress hormone too often, other things start happening: problems falling asleep, overeating or losing weight, headaches, tiredness and even hair loss may all be connected to lack of down-time. 

So if you are like me, in need of realistic self-care tips, here are my 5 personal, tried and tested everyday self-care rituals. Each of them can be done as quickly as in 20 minutes – so great for busy mums. Or if you are not, take your time 🙂


There is a special kind of magic that gets activated when we put a pen to paper. No matter what you are writing down – your to-do list, thoughts or gratitudes, journaling captures that energy and kinda makes it real. If you feel down, reflecting on your experiences through writing, is one of the best therapies you can do. 

BONUS TIP: if you use boxes ◻️ for your to-do lists, ticking them off is SOOO reenergizing and an instant confidence boost.


This is one is GOLD. We all have our ups and downs and sometimes it’s hard to pick yourself up. Especially on some mornings.

Saying an affirmative mantra several times – I do at least 20 times every morning – puts the mind into the right gear! Our thoughts do determine how we feel, so if negative thoughts get us down, positive thoughts lift us up. Makes sense, right? It’s really is that simple, which is also so powerful.

BONUS TIP: incorporating the mantra into something you do every day helps develop a habit. I usually say it while waiting for the coffee ☕️ machine to make me my very first cup for the day. Which is non-negotiable.


Another tool to keep positivity flowing and attract great things into your life. It works in a smiler way to having a daily affirmative mantra – by focusing on what’s positive in our lives, we feel better and make better choices. We also learn to appreciate other people around us more.

If finding the glass half full is a challenge for you, look for anything that could be much worse than it is now. This usually works.  

writing gratitudes 


Yes, you read this right. Unplugging has become the new mindfulness and there is so much behind it. iPhones have not just revolutionised our lives, but they also have got us massively addicted to their magic.

This addiction has been compared to cocaine addiction, as we get an instant release of the feel-good dopamine hormone every time our smartphone delivers a message or gives us that googled information you are after. That’s some serious stuff and you can read more about it, for example, here.

Exercise like just some old-fashioned walking has numerous benefits. And one of them is the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol. And when you couple your walk with the absence of your smartphone, your head space returns to its natural, fog-less and calm state.

This is like a mini-spa for your mind.


As we are already on the subject of spas, having a spoil-me hot bath is a treat for all your senses. Just being immersed in warm water has a great relaxation effect. But you can upgrade your self-care by adding some background music, lighting up an aromatherapeutic candle (here are some nice ones) and putting on a luxurious hydrating mask, like the Power of the Earth Hydrating and Exfoliating All-Natural Mask.

Enjoy – You deserve it!

relaxing bath

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