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5 habits of people with great skin

5 habits of people with great skin

We all know someone amongst us with beautiful skin, but what's their secret?

With our skin being the body's largest organ, looking after it properly takes a lot more than any one miracle product can deliver. 

Instead of being jealous of our glowing friends, let's take a closer look at their skin-loving habits. 

Hydrate with water. ⁠

Start from the inside and hydrate those cells! Drinking 2.7 litres of water for women and 3.7 litres for men a day ensures that your body is happy, hydrated, and functioning at its best. 

Five habits of people with great skin

Moisturise daily. ⁠

Using the right kind of moisturiser for your skin can help maintain its balance, and give thirsty skin a drink. 

Even if you don't think your skin is on the dry side, using a daily moisturiser is a must. Keeping skin smooth and healthy lessens the chance of irritation due to a dry top layer. 

Need a recommendation? Our Skin So Soft Rejuvenating Moisturiser With Tamanu Oil and Vitamin B3 helps renew and restore the skin surface against moisture loss and dehydration. 

Five habits of people with great skin moisturise daily

Invest in a beautician. ⁠

Seeing a skincare professional regularly is a surefire way to upgrade your complexion.

Think of it as having someone else on your team with the same goal as you, with all of the technical knowledge and expertise you need. 

Plus, having a beautician ensures that your overall skin health is being tracked and documented, making it easier to notice patterns. 

Five habits of people with great skin have a beautician

Use SPF.⁠

If you want great skin, make sure you're treating it right!

You've probably heard it before, but protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is one of the top things you can do to avoid damaging your skin. Whether you think you burn easily or not, wearing either a physical or chemical sunscreen is a great habit to pick up. 

Five habits of people with great skin use SPF

Embrace natural ingredients.

Skin is much more a sponge than a barrier, so any ingredients that you pop on your skin will be absorbed into your system. So not only do we need to be careful with the ingredients that we consume, but also the ingredients that we put on our skin. 

Skin has its own sequences as it heals, regenerates and detoxifies overnight, and using chemically polluted products will interfere with this very important process.

That’s why we highly recommend natural skincare that nourishes your skin using the beautiful ingredients given to us my Mother Nature. 

As you can see, a great complexion takes little tweaks to your routine and a multi-faceted approach.

But with a little love and care, great skin can very well be yours! 

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