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How Self Care Can Help Improve Your Skin

How Self Care Can Help Improve Your Skin

When was the last time you truly cared for yourself? Did you go for a solo walk? Did you make yourself a healthy meal? Or, did you splurge and treat yourself to a massage? Did you know that a lot of these types of self-care routines can help improve your skin in the long run? Many people think applying topical creams and gels is the best and only way to help improve your skin. But, that’s not the case. There are a few things you can do to help your skin stay hydrated, youthful and fresh-looking every day!

Focus on your diet

Self-care isn’t just about massages and alone time. Self-care starts with what you feed your body. As the old saying goes; Your body is a temple. Watching what you eat is certainly one of the best first steps to better self-care. Why? Because not only does eating better make you feel good, but it also shows on the outside. There have been several studies 

investigating whether chocolate and sugar have an impact on the skin and breakouts. The answer is a little complicated and there are a few different answers, but in general, the conclusion from the majority of these studies is that sugary sweets and chocolate (including dark chocolate) can lead to an increase in breakouts. 

It’s also important to note that different people will have different reactions to certain foods. Some people can eat chocolate and not get any pimples. And yet, those same people may experience acne from carbohydrates. An elimination diet is a good way to determine what your triggers are. While every case is different, it’s still a good idea to feed your body a healthy and balanced diet.

Stay hydrated

Water should be your best friend every day, no matter what your goals are. But, water can help to improve your skin naturally. There are a few ways 

water can help improve your skin. These include improving the elasticity of the skin, flushing out toxins, preventing acne and keeping your skin moisturised.

If you are dehydrated, one of the first things you might notice is your skin feeling dry. With that, you may notice paler patches of skin over your body and it simply just doesn’t feel nice. By making sure you’re drinking enough water each day, your body can function as it should and your skin will feel as good as it can. Depending on your height, weight and activity levels, the amount of water you need each day can vary. As a general rule, aim for five to eight glasses of water each day.

Keeping up with a skincare routine

Self-care is all about giving yourself the time in the day to focus on yourself and your needs. To help improve your skin, ensure that part of your self-care ritual includes a morning and/or night skincare routine. 

It doesn’t have to take too long (especially if you don’t follow one now) and can be as simple as washing the daily grime and makeup off your face each night. If possible, include a cleanser, toner and moisturiser into your routine with gentle, natural and organic products 

to help feed your skin the nutrients it needs. 


Self-care doesn’t have to take up all your time, nor does it have to cost you a fortune in items and services. If you’re not used to keeping up with a consistent routine for your self-care, be sure to start small with easy goals. It may be as simple as making sure you drink two glasses of water each day until that becomes a habit and slowly increasing it each day.

Find some activities that you enjoy and treat yourself (and your skin!) to much-deserved love and care.

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