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Simple skincare tips for mature skin

Simple skincare tips for mature skin

There is no doubt that your skincare and make-up routine is going to differ greatly between the ages of 20 and 60. As we age, we face several different skin issues. Issues in our 20's and 30's such as acne are not as prevalent in our 50's, 60's and beyond. That's why altering your skincare and makeup routine is so important. We have looked at some of the biggest changes in mature skin and have some of our top tips to share with you. 


Moisturising your skin is important for all ages. But, it is something that many people often forget or skimp on as they age. When you're continuing your skincare routine, choose a moisturiser that is both hydrating and lightweight. You don't want to use a moisturiser that is too heavy because your moisturiser is going to be a part of the base of your make-up application. You can try a moisturiser such as this one which is perfect for sensitive and mature skin. It helps to keep your skin soft and moisturised, especially if you're dehydrated. 

Use a primer

Before you apply your make-up, a good primer after you moisturise will benefit your skin greatly. Not only will it help you to have an even skin tone, but it will also help your foundation to be applied easier and stay on your skin for longer. 

It is more common to experience dry skin as we age, so a primer will also help to keep your skin looking dewy throughout the day. 

Don't go overboard

One thing that many of us tend to do as we age is to apply more make-up and other skincare products to try and cover the skin. Covering wrinkles, fine lines and age spots with layers of products and make-up is not the best option. Using too much product can have the opposite effect on the skin and make your skin issues more apparent. It can also make some people look older than they are. 

Instead, focus on a more natural look that enhances your best features rather than trying to cover the parts you are trying to hide. Look for make-up products that can be built upon the face to apply the amount of coverage you're looking for. Instead of caking on your make-up and skin products, slowly build up the products.

Accentuate your lips

As we age, we often lose colour pigmentation in our lips. Even with a more natural look to your make-up, applying a natural colour to the lips can work wonders. Opt for a lip product that continues to add moisture to your lips all day. This hint of colour can help to add an instant flush to your look and can give you that little bit of extra moisture to your skin where you need it most. 

Add subtle cheek colour to the skin for a "just pinched" look for a little extra boost. It will add a little colour to your skin and help to brighten your face for that little extra glow.

Don't forget the basics

It's still important to remember your skincare basics, even if you have mature skin. Continue to cleanse, tone and moisturise to keep your skin nourished, clean and healthy. This is the basic skincare routine that you'll start in your teens or 20s and continue through to your older years. 

As mentioned, you'll have different skin issues when you're younger compared to when you have mature skin. Therefore, you may need to change and adjust what type and cleanser, toner and moisturiser you use. Look for skincare products that will help keep your skin moisturised and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. There are many different skin products available on the market to help with the differing needs of mature skin.

Your skincare routine will differ and change as you age to help with your changing skin needs. It's important to check in on your skin health and see what your skin needs over time. With plenty of products to choose from, you'll be able to find the right skincare for you.

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