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What to Expect at a Natural Skincare Workshop

What to Expect at a Natural Skincare Workshop

LOVE ALY'S Natural Skincare Workshop

When we tell you our skincare is 100% natural & vegan friendly, don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself! 

Our Natural Skincare Workshops were created for the go-getters who want to do a little something different on their weekend, educate themselves on the in's and out's of how products are formulated (you will never read an ingredients list the same again), and take home a product made by you, for you.

Oh, how jealous the other bottles in the bathroom cupboard will be! 

LOVE ALY'S Natural Skincare Workshop Mornington

The scent of our aromatherapy candle burning will greet you as you ascend the stairs to ALY'S. Meet Aly in person as we get to know each other over a warm cup of tea or coffee and feel comfortable in the intimate space. 

Did you know - Aly is also a qualified Counsellor? Not that you'll be lying down on any couches during your Workshop (unless you learn better when you're horizontal...) but you will feel the same comfort and safety being at ALY's Place. 

LOVE ALY'S Natural Skincare Workshop Mornington VIC

You know those icebreaker questions that help a new group get to know each other? Yeah, we're going to give those a miss and get to know your skin instead. How do you feel about your complexion? Do you lean more towards oily, dry or combination skin? Has your skin type changed over time? We want to know! 

Next, you will have the choice of what kind of product you would like to make. If you're not sure, Aly will help you decide based off your skin concerns. 


Once you know what type of product you're whipping up, it's time to get our chemistry on and break down the formula. Here, you will learn how to select and measure your ingredients for the perfect structure and consistency. 

You will learn about how active ingredients interact with the skin, and the importance of pH balance - bonus points if you know what 'pH' stands for!

LOVE ALY'S Natural Skincare Workshop Mornington

Next, you will taking your senses on a blind date...
Sniff, touch, swirl, and test an array of ingredients and let your intuition guide you in deciding on your final formula combination. 

Make your own Natural Skincare products

Put it all together in a fun (and sanitised) space. Bring your creation to life one carefully measured step at a time, and don't stress! You will be guided by Aly every step of the way. 

LOVE ALY'S Natural Skincare Workshop Mornington

LOVE ALY'S Natural Skincare Workshop Mornington VIC


Pour your custom creation into a beautiful bottle, and Voilà! Your masterpiece is ready to take home and become the most coveted item on your bathroom shelf. 

Bask in your new title as "Natural Skincare Queen or King" and stay for a fresh homemade Russian lunch with your new friends. 

Homemade Russian Treats

Ready to book your own Natural Skincare Workshop experience?

Head over to the booking page here.

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