Camellia (Tea Plant)

Category: plant oil

Properties: moisturising, rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, emollient

INCI (on the label): camellia oleifera seed oil


Camellia oil has been used in Chinese skin and hair care for centuries. It comes from a tall tea plant shrub, 3 to 6 m in height, indigenous to China but also grown in parts of Australia and New Zealand. Camellia oil is mainly known for its high content of oleic acid, which is the main constituent of olive oil. 

Oleic acid has been found to disrupt skin’s barrier, therefore camellia oil should rarely be used on its own. However, on the flip side, due to the skin barrier disruption, camellia oil in combination with other oils and butters can boost effectiveness of other ingredients. Used in combination with other oils, camellia oil  has skin-calming ability, reduces signs of dryness and sensitivity. It is great for use in cleansers and make up removers, as well as in lotions and creams as it helps boost effectiveness of antioxidants and enhances texture.


Did you know?
Camellia oil has light yellow colour and almost odourless. It is edible and can be used in salads and as a cooking oil.


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