Category: floral water

Properties: soothing, cooling, toning, antibacterial, anti-fungal

INCI (on the label): Lavandula angustifolia distillate/ hydrolat/ hydrosol


Lavender is one of the most well-known herbs and medicinal plants. Known as "miracle healer", lavender has soothing, cooling and healing properties on the skin. That's why lavender works best in soothing products, such as after-sun spray mists or calming night creams.

Lavender aroma can be quite overpowering and it's best to use maximum of 30% of lavender water in most formulations. When used with chamomile waters, lavender has a distinct calming effect, when mixed with peppermint hydrofoil it can be amazing at itchy skin relief.


Did you know?

The scent of lavender deters flies, mosquitos and other pests, so if you can use lavender mists and lavender essential oil in a diffuser for irritation-free summer nights.

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