Glycerine (vegetable derived, vegan)

Properties: skin-replenishing, skin-restoring, hydrating


Also called glycerol, glycerine is a humectant. In other words, glycerine attracts water to the skin and binds it there. Together with emollients and occlusives, glycerine works to keep skin well-moisturized and hydrated.

Glycerine is present in all natural lipids (fats), whether animal or vegetable. Glycerine is found naturally in skin and is one of many ingredients that help maintain skin’s healthy moisture level.


Did you know?

Glycerine and other humectants are never used in skincare on their own. As it attracts water, glycerine can increase water loss from the deeper levels of the skin by drawing it to the skin surface. That’s why glycerine and other humectants such as aloe vera are always mixed with occlusives and/or oils. These form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface and slow the loss of water from the skin.


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