Properties: soothing, antioxidant


Crowned the Queen of Flowers, Rose is most loved for its beauty and aromatic properties. Its scent is decadent, enchanting and uplifting. Rich in phenolics compound, rose-based products can be beneficial as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. Further, rose is soothing, which can help with any skin irritations or sensitivities.

This combination makes rose a great ingredient especially for mature skin.


Did you know?
To produce 30 grams of Rose Absolute oil about 60,000 roses are needed. This makes this precious oil one of the most expensive ones in the world with a common price tag of around $700AUD/$500USD per 100 ml. As the oil is so concentrated it should be used in maximum concentration of 0.02% in leave on products and never undiluted.


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