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  • How To Measure Essential Oils - The Right Way

    Essential oils have lots of amazing benefits for your skin, emotional well-being and general health. And recently they became a regular in natural health stores, pharmacies and spa salons, making it very easy for anyone to start using them. However, it seems that education about how to use essential oils safely still needs more work.
  • Why You Should Always Read The Label

    Marketing experts that are trained in this field know exactly how to execute the end result “Sales”. From eye catching packaging, bright logos, consistent colour schemes and catchy slogans, somehow they have a win and make you feel very special and create the need to have what they are selling. The beautiful artworks, together with cleverly selected and artfully positioned claims like Natural, Organic, Magical, Effective, Active, High-Performing lead us to believe that the wonder skincare product we have just purchased online is our skin’s or hair’s new best friend and will take the best possible care of us. And in many cases it is so – but certainly not always.
  • A Quick Guide to pH in Skincare and Haircare Products

    Here is a quick and – hopefully – easy to absorb guide to pH in skincare and haircare products.
  • How Moisturizers Work – And Which Ones to Look For

    When it comes down to cosmetic moisturizers, they follow the natural hydrating mechanism of the skin: They should add water to the skin and bind it there.