Natural Ingredients


  • Borage

    Borage, also known as star-flower because of its star-shaped flowers, is another superhero amongst beneficial plants. It is the highest known source of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA). GLA is one of the essential fatty acids that are necessary for our living but are not made by our bodies.
  • Liquorice

    One of the oldest medicinal plants, liquorice is most known for its use in candies. Used in skincare, it is an excellent healer and helps relieve skin irritation and swelling.
  • Rose

    Crowned the Queen of Flowers, Rose is most loved for its beauty and aromatic properties. Its scent is decadent, enchanting and uplifting. Rich in phenolics compound, rose-based products can be beneficial as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. Further, rose is soothing, which can help with any skin irritations or sensitivities.
  • Dragon's Blood

    Also called Sangre de Drago, dragon’s blood is a resin, sap, extracted from a tree indigenous to South America – Croton lechleri. As this tree is commonly referred to as “dragon tree” and its sap has a vibrant deep red 🩸 colour, the red resin received the name of Dragon’s Blood.